Environmental Policy

Souvenir Scenic Studios is one of London’s foremost scenery builders and specialist prop-makers. Operating from our premises in south London since 1988 Souvenir has earned considerable recognition, not only for traditional fine-painted scenery but also for spectacular coups de theatre and bespoke sculptural pieces.

We are conscious of the fact that, by the very nature of our business, it is inevitable that our behaviour will have an impact on the environment. Our aim is to make sure that this impact is kept to a minimum, and to achieve continuous environmental improvement.

We have identified our most significant impacts on the environment to be energy use, waste disposal and consumption of resources. It is our firm aim and lasting policy to limit the effect on the environment by these, and our other activities, by:

  • Monitoring our carbon footprint (currently 146.1 metric tons of CO2 per annum) and setting a reduction target of 5% to be achieved within a year;
  • Ensuring compliance with all current UK environmental legislation, as relevant to our business, and to go beyond these legal requirements where possible;
  • Considering and taking into account our environmental goals and ethos when making relevant business decisions;
  • Ensuring that all staff address environmental responsibilities, collectively and individually, under the framework of normal operating procedures;
  • The efficient use of all materials, resources and energy;
  • To reduce waste from our business by following the waste hierarchy (prevent, reduce, reuse, recycle), and only disposing to landfill as a very last resort;
  • Promoting strong environmental awareness and commitment amongst our staff, providing appropriate training and encouraging employee engagement and suggestions to further improve our environmental performance;
  • Communicating our environmental commitments to all our suppliers and contractors;
  • Requesting that all businesses supplying services or materials to Souvenir to demonstrate that they are fully committed to the principles of sustainable development, and that they actively seek to improve upon reducing the impact that they have on the environment.

Our policy is communicated to all staff working for and on behalf of Souvenir Scenic Studios, who have a collective responsibility to ensure that the commitments listed herein are adhered to. The policy is endorsed by our senior management team, and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

This policy is available publicly on our website and a hard copy is available on request.